Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea now at Yog

Bubble Tea now at Yog

New serving Bubble Tea.  Bubble teas are typically of two distinct types: fruit-flavored teas and milk teas. However, some shops offer hybrid “fruit milk teas”. Most milk teas include powdered dairy or non-dairy creamers, but some shops also offer fresh milk as an alternative. Other varieties are 100% crushed-fruit smoothies with tapioca pearls and signature ice cream shakes made from local ice cream sources. Many American bubble tea vendors sell “milk smoothies”, which are similar to bubble tea but do not contain any tea ingredients. Some small cafés offer sweetener substitutes such as honey, agave, stevia, and aspartame upon special request.

Yog Crepes,Belgian Waffles and frozen yogurt In Mt, Washington, Baltimore

cropped-102911.jpgCrepes In Mt, Washington, Baltimore

Our crepes are handmade  and served warm! Choose from one of our signature crepes or build one Your Way.

Sunday 2:00 pm–9:00 pm
Monday 11:30 am–9:00 pm
Tuesday 11:30 am=9:00 pm
Wednesday 11:30 am–9:00 pm
Thursday 11:30 am–9:00 pm
Friday 11:30 am–9:30 pm
Saturday 11:30 am–9:30 pm

Belgian Waffles and Desert In Mt, Washington, Baltimore

Self-serve frozen yogurt 8 calories per oz ,fat free and Sugar free available – Flavors  rotated every few days.kosher Flavors available (O/K)
Yog is growing

Yog is growing


Almonds Apples Bananas Blackberries Blueberries Brownies Butterfingers™ Carob Chip Cheesecake Bites Cherries Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chocolate Chips Chocolate Covered Pretzels Cocoa Pebbles™ Coconut Cookies & Cream Cranberries Dark Sprinkles Fruity Pebbles™ Graham Crackers Granola Grapes Gummy Bears Heath™ Candy Kiwi Lychee M&M’s Mandarin Orange Mango Mochi Oreo Cookies™ Peach Peanuts Pecans Pineapple Raspberries Reeses™ Peanut Butter Cups Sprinkles Strawberries Walnuts Watermelon White Chocolate Chips Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Frozen Yogurt at Yog

Frozen Yogurt at Yog


Low Fat Flavors Heath™ Toffee Mounds™ Chocolate Coconut Reeses™ Peanut Butter Nonfat Flavors Alpine Vanilla Blueberry Burst Bubble Yum™ Bubble Gum Butter Brickle Cable Car Chocolate California Tart Cappuccino Chocolate Classic Cookies and Cream Country Vanilla Dreamy Dark Chocolate Eggnog English Toffee Espresso Eurotart™ Fancy French Vanilla Georgia Peach Hershey’s™ Kisses™ Chocolate Cherry Cordial Hershey’s™ Kisses™ Chocolate High Culture™ Irish Mint Island Banana Italian Tart Kalua Lychee Tart Mango Tart New York Cheesecake Original Tart™ Original Tart™ Green Tea Original Tart™ Wild Berry Outrageous Orange Pecan Praline Peppermint Stick Pistachio Plain Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie Raspberry Tart Rootbeer Float Snickerdoodle Strawberry Sensation (Really Fresh Strawberry) Strawberry Tart Swiss Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla Taro Triple Chocolate Very Boysenberry Very Raspberry Very Strawberry White Chocolate Macadamia York™ Chocolate Peppermint No Sugar Added Flavors Blueberry Chocolate Raspberry Strawberry Banana Strawberry Vanilla Premium Flavors Acai Energy Pomegranate Berry Cactus Sweet Dutch Chocolate Low Fat Cake Batter Low Fat French Vanilla Low Fat Natural Low Fat Praline n’ Cream Low Fat White Vanilla Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter


Chocolate, blueberry, Peanut Butter, Strawberry,  Kiwi, Caramel, banana,  Cream cheese, Blueberry Sauce, Strawberry sauce, and Brownies
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