Great smoothies and more….
Smooth, rich, coffee and artful Crepes and Waffles set the stage at Yog Crepes Waffles



and Frozen Yogurt. But that’s just for openers! Yog Crepes Waffles and Frozen Yogurt offers a broad food menu that you’ll find at no other specialty  house. Here you’ll find Crepes and waffles classics along side the very latest in eclectic, casual fare. All freshly prepared on site, and afford ably Priced

More than just a specialty coffee shop, Yog Crepes Waffles and Frozen Yogurt also offers a broad menu that you’ll find nowhere else. With latest in Waffle, fresh crepes and frozen yogurt. Plus Yog’s has a full array of cool real fruit smoothies, making it the perfect spot for everything from a hearty lunch to a re-energizing snack.

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