It’s Back To School Time

Back-To-School-Lead-In  Its Back to School Time!

What a time to have a real treat and catch up with your friends after school.  Frozen Yogurt is a great treat that is much better for you then other alternatives.

frozen yogurt 8 calories per oz ,fat free and Sugar free available – Flavors  rotated every few Flavors available (O/K)

Local Collage students K though 8 and 9though 12, free WIFI so you can also stay in touch with friends on the social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

 What are 20 things you need for school?

pencils, notebook, paper, textbooks, pens, highlighters, colored pencils, crayon’s, markers, folders, books, ruler, tape, protractor, notecards, glue, post-it-notes, pencil sharpeners, erasers, and pencil box

Want to be safe in your school?

1) Get good friends. They can help you in bad situations.

2) Don`t get into fights. You wouldn’t want to end up in the nurse’s room.

3) Do not talk to the bullies in your school. You will become their next victim.

4) Do not let the bullies hurt your feelings; that’s the reaction they want. Ignore them and they may stop picking on you.

5) Make sure that you tell a teacher if you are bullied. The worst thing to do is keep it to yourself

6) Get friendly with the principal.

Stay safe at school and where you hang out after school.

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